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Rise of the Planet of the Apes for the WIN

con whores
Planet of the Apes has always been a favorite of mine. I read the book in junior high; I adored the movie series and the TV series. I've always been a huge Roddy McDowall fan and Roddy as Caesar pushed my adolescent buttons in ways that no doubt helped me become a slash writer in later years. (And to think that I'd previously blamed that solely on the Buggaloos and the Monkees.)

So, I was going to see Rise of the Plant of the Apes even if it hadn't featured my tv hubby, David Hewlett, and one of my movie boyfriends, James Franco. I was, however, ready to be vastly disappointed. After the tragedy that was Green Lantern and the stupidity that was Cowboys and Aliens, I was ready to waste ten dollars, two hours and a few brain cells on Rise.

Wow. Was I so, so wrong. Much like a little movie called The Eagle and a big movie called X-Men, First Class, last night, I found a movie that had a real story and used real actors to tell it. I was amazed. I may even go to see it again. (Or, like The Eagle, buy it when available.)

Sure, the special effects were cutting edge but the story and the relationships were the prominent items in this movie. Hollywood should try that a little more often.

Johnny Weir, Drag Queens and Pride

A couple of weekends ago, gothphyle and I made our annual pilgrimage to St. Petersburg Pride. Though we always have a great time (and what's not to love? Thousands of attendees, 400 vendors with "special wares," a huge parade and lovely, lovely boyz everywhere) this year there was a special treat for us.

Johnny Weir and Alexis Mateo hosted a fashion show at Macy's the night before Pride. They were both beautiful, charming and gracious.

Look here for photos: picturesCollapse )>

Next weekend -- Southern Media Con!

BBC Sherlock fic: Must Have More! Please?

I blame it all on gothphyle. I did not want to watch the newest version of Sherlock. No way. So, she nagged. For weeks. Seriously. Finally, I promised I would watch 30 minutes of it if she promised that, once I decided it was crap, she would not mention it again.

Ten minutes in, I turned to her in disgust and exclaimed, "Damn it! It's really good."

Twenty minutes in, I was hooked.

So, now I'm trolling the internet looking for Sherlock fic. If any of y'all have a favorite (John/Sherlock, please) I would greatly appreciate a link,

Thanks so much,


X-Men was fantastic! We went in with no expectations and we were delighted. And the trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes was shown before the movie. Bonus!

Fan-fun in Charleston?

Con Whore two word
gothphyle and I are heading to Charleston on Saturday morning. She's attending a work conference and I'm tagging along. (Hey, someone has to help drive... and lounge about in the hotel room!)

I see that there are some cool museums and tourist-y things to do but are there any fangals in that area that can offer any suggestions?


DragonCon or On the Road Again

It seems the only time I actually post is when I say I'm leaving. Hmmm... I'll have to do better in the future.

That being said, in just a few hours, Mellison (aka rentgirl two), gothphyle and airmidcel will be loading up the rental car and heading for Atlanta. God, I love this con.

As always, we have a ridiculous number of ridiculously wonderful costumes to shove into the trunk, leaving little room for anything else.

I'll be back next Tuesday and will catch up with everyone then. Have a wonderful weekend.


Reno in the Morning

Con Whore two word
I'm leaving for Reno in the morning.

See y'all late next week!


Fanfun in Reno?

My job is sending me to Reno next week for a conference. My days will be busy with work-y things but does anyone have some suggestions for the nights? (Yeah, I know, it's Reno but I don't gamble and I don't drink and I already hit the shows I want to see a bit closer to home.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


General Stuff

Happy New Year to all!

I'm a bit behind, as always. Babyman is home from school for the holidays, along with his girlfriend so I've been a busy gal.

I hope to catch up with a 2009 Costumes in Review post in the next couple of weeks.

For My FList

I don't post often but I read daily. I so look forward to the glimpses of your lives that I get on livejournal. I love the humor, the fic, the angst and the joy that y'all choose to share. It's wonderful and it's appreciated.

This holiday season, in honor of my FList, I'm making a donation to a local food bank. With so many needy in so many communities, every little bit helps.

Happy Holidays to each of you and a prosperous New Year.

We had an amazing time with a few crazy encounters (to include the JFlan, some dude from Torchwood and Barry Bostwick) but that's for another day. (Check out the icon. That's our posse dressed for the psycho sock hop.)

I was going through my Vids Vic Likes collection the other day and wanted to share. They are both older vids and y'all may have seen them before but they're worth a second look.

Kudos to the vidders. I am always so impressed with the talent these folks display and the tremendous generosity they show in sharing.

The first is a QAF(USA) and features a song by Aqualung. Even if you're not a QAF fan, the song is beautiful and so are the boys. It's QAF so it's probably not exactly work safe.
here for pretty boyz kissingCollapse )

And a McShep (oh boyz!) done to a Carbon Leaf song. Sigh. I do love these guys. Why did they cancel my show?
McShepCollapse )

Have a lovely Wednesday.

Road Trip!

I'm about an hour away from the start of our road trip. I love road trips.

Mellison, gothphyle and airmidcelt will be driving (well, I'll be driving, they'll be entertaining me) to Macon tonight then to Atlanta early tomorrow morning. (They don't actually know yet how early we'll be leaving Friday. The panel I want to see most of all this weekend, JFlan and PM, is at 11:30am. Ah, well. That's what happens when you let Vic drive. And they always let Vic drive!)

I'll no doubt be boring everyone to death on Twitter over the weekend and then again Wednesday on lj when I get back. (If we're not twittering to each other and you would like to be, I'm rentgirl2 on Twitter.)

Have a lovely weekend!


DragonCon, LMFA, Life in General

Party Patrol
I was honored to have been nominated for a Light My Fire Award this year. Three Things That Never Happened to Jim Ellison (And One That Did) was nominated for slash non J/B. The story (which is a Jim/Blair tale, was written back in 2006 and can be read here:

Last night was fangirls' night out complete with dinner, slash!talk and Starbucks. I'm so lucky to live in the Tampa Bay area where, not only is the weather amazing, but there are fangals galore.

Today, gothphyle and I will be trying to put the finishing touches on our DragonCon costumes. Mellison (aka rentgirl one) is an incredible seamstress and, with the help of gothphyle's inspired dream, came up with some astounding costumes this year. I'll put up photos after the con.

Finally, is anyone else watching Being Human? It's cracktastic and Mitchell is... wow!

My TV Hubby's BF and Con!Fevah!

This weekend I'll be attending one of my favorite cons--Vidcon. A small con held in St Petersburg, Florida, Vidcon's focus is on fanfiction. If you ever have an opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it. There's plenty of snark, plenty of humor, lots of food and lively discussion. To find out more about Vidcon, go to and follow the Vidcon links.

As for my TV Hubby's BF (yeah, I <3 the RPS, so sue me) gothphyle and I have purchased our JFlan photo op's for DragonCon. Now we'll have a SciFi Prom 2009 to compliment the 2008 one we had done with The Hewlett at last year's ShoreLeave.

I am a lucky woman!

I'll catch up with y'all next week.


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